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TheMagic5 is a company that specializes in creating custom-fitted swimming goggles. Unlike most traditional swimming goggles that come in standard sizes and shapes, TheMagic5 creates goggles that are individually customized for each customer, using a 3D facial scan.

To create a pair of custom goggles, customers can download TheMagic5 app and use their smartphone’s camera to take a 3D scan of their face. The app then sends the scan to TheMagic5, where the company uses the scan data to create a pair of goggles that are uniquely designed to fit the individual’s face. The company claims that this results in a more comfortable and secure fit that can help reduce leaks and prevent fogging.

In addition to creating custom-fitted goggles, TheMagic5 also offers a range of lens options, including tinted lenses for outdoor swimming, mirrored lenses for bright environments, and prescription lenses for people who require corrective eyewear.

TheMagic5 has gained popularity among swimmers of all levels, including elite athletes who require precision fit and high-performance gear. TheMagic5 has also re-imagined how to get inspiration while you swim through their card game developed by swimmers for swimmers

THEMAGIC5 Athlete Matt Grevers 6x Olympic Swimmer