Fitness SF, Fillmore
SF Filmore swimming pool in San Francisco. Reviewed by

Fitness SF, Fillmore

The pool at the Fitness SF Fillmore location is a solid option for the casual recreational swimmer seeking a gym membership in San Francisco. Memberships grant access to all Fitness SF locations, but the Fillmore location in the only with a pool.

The pool itself is small, and provides a solid option for someone who likes the option to swim, but primarily exercises in other ways. It’s a short less than 25 yards, and with only 5 lanes, that length can feel a little crowded, even if you are only sharing with one other person. During peak gym hours, you’ll sign up for lane space 15 minutes prior to getting in the water, and you’ll likely share with one other swimmer. There is a large selection of kickboards, pull buoys, and water aerobics equipment for free use, and although there are no scheduled swim practices, there is a whiteboard with a swim set of the day written, for those that need inspiration. Aquafit classes are available for members.

Because the pool is inside a gym- this facility has better amenities than your average city pool. At the front desk, you can purchase swim equipment & snacks, and there is a dry sauna in the locker room, along with toiletries beyond the bare minimum- blow-dryers, mouthwash, cotton swabs, etc. Fitness SF isn’t a budget gym, nor a luxury gym, and the amenities are a bonus, but not enough to describe the locker rooms as plush.

There is a large hot tub and lounge chairs on deck, both nice options if you need to wait for lane space to open up. The gym itself is underground and therefore lacking natural light, but the skylight above the pool provides a nice view when swimming backstroke. No need for tinted goggles.

Fitness SF, Fillmore
1455 Fillmore St
San Francisco
United States
Fitness SF, Fillmore
1455 Fillmore St
San Francisco
United States

The Pool

  • Number of Lanes: 5
  • Pool Depth: 3.5 - 4.5 ft
  • Pool Length: less than 25 yards
  • Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor pool
  • Entrance / Fees:
  • Lane Space:
  • Staff Friendliness:
  • Chlorine Intensity:
  • General Amenities:
  • Locker Room Cleanliness:

More About the Pool

  • Food Options: Protein shakes and snacks for purchase at the front desk.
  • Swim Equipments: Large selection of kickboards, buoys, and water aerobics equipment for free use.
  • Lane Experience: 1-2 people per lane. Can feel crowded in small pool.


  • Body lotion
  • Body Wash
  • Conditioner
  • Easy parking
  • Food available for purchase
  • Hairdryers
  • Hot tub
  • Lifeguard on duty
  • Lockers available for free day use
  • Lockers available for long term rental
  • Pace Clock
  • Sauna
  • Shallow pool for infants/toddlers
  • Shampoo
  • Showers
  • Starting blocks
  • Steam Room
  • Swim equipment for free use
  • Swim equipment for purchase
  • Swim suit dryer
  • Towels
  • Water Slide
  • Wheelchair entry